About Us

Epiqa is the winner of the FEI contract for the organisation of the European Show Jumping Championship; it has signed an agreement with RCS Sport&Events, with Sport&Salute and with the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE) to design and implement this prestigious sporting event.

In view of long-term sustainability objectives, this partnership will continue to invest on major sporting events, such as a CSI5* competition – the Milano Jumping Cup – to be held every year in the same location, the Snai San Siro racecourse in Milan. 

The Organising Committee:

Epiqa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Snaitech, one of Italy’s leading gaming operators. Epiqa collects images from all Italian racecourses and horse racing broadcasting and streaming services, as an exclusive provider of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry (Masaf), thanks to a rich and established infrastructure and two different production centres.

RCS Sports & Events, together with RCS Sport, is a sports & media company specialised in the organisation and marketing communication of sports events. The portfolios of these two companies features major competitions for professional athletes and the most important world-class mass sporting events, such as Giro d’Italia, the Milan Marathon, the Gran Fondo cycling races (Strade Bianche and Il Lombardia) and other relevant competitions at the international level. It is a longstanding leading player in the field of sports, thanks to its deep and established know-how, its structured consultancy approach and the exclusive management of first-class sports rights.
RCS Sports & Events and RCS Sport (only dealing with the organisation of professional cycling races) are part of Cairo-RCS Media, a leading publishing group listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. A structured Group, with a multimedia network of over 130 media brands, with different media and platforms covering all sectors of publishing: newspapers and magazines, digital publications and books, TV and new media.

Sport e Salute S.p.A. is an Italian State Company dealing with sports development in Italy and providing services of a general nature. Sport e Salute is the Government’s operational arm in the field of public sports policies; it promotes grassroots sports activities and healthy lifestyles and allocates public funds to sports organisations. This Company provides a wide range of services and organises a series of activities to foster grassroots sports, correct lifestyles and sports practice and to enhance the role of communities, schools, voluntary organisations, federations, associations and amateur sports clubs.

FISE, the Italian Horses Society, founded in 1911, was later transformed into the Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri (FISE) in 1926, based in Rome. The FISE is a non-profit association with legal personality under private law formed by Companies and Associations, also in the form of non-profit joint-stock companies, that practice Equestrian Sports in Italy and disseminate the idea within the rules of amateurism. The FISE, recognized by CONI and CIP, is affiliated to the International Equestrian Federation, by which it is recognized as the only representative in Italy. The Italian Equestrian Federation is authorized to regulate equestrian activity in Italy in all its educational, competitive, recreational and training expressions, with particular regard to the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines: Full Competition, Dressage and Show Jumping and Paralympic Dressage; to the FEI disciplines of Attacks, Endurance, Vaulting or others such as Reining, Paralympic Attacks, Pony Activities – Mounted Games, Country Riding, Horseball, Horse-Assisted Interventions and Integrated Sports in Equitation, Polo