Groom Services

Are you a groom?

We thought about your relaxation!



An area completely dedicated to your breaks will be set up
inside the FEI area, where you will find fresh water, coffee
and where you will be offered breakfast.

The pleasure CONTINUES!

Inside the FEI area you will find a refreshment point where it will be active also the lunch and dinner service.


IGA knowledge and care of the horse

The International Grooms Association (IGA) are very proud to announce a collaboration with the FEI Jumping European Championships Milan 2023 as one of the IGA’s official Show Supporters.

In meetings with the Organising Committee and the IGA, there have been extensive discussions to ensure the best provision possible for the grooms who will head to Milan in September.

Lucy Katan, Executive Director of the IGA said “the FEI Jumping Europeans are one of the flagship FEI events of the year, and a great opportunity to showcase some of the best ways shows can prioritise grooms and give them a great working experience. The Italian Federation, FISE, is great supporter of the grooms, and we are looking forward to seeing the OC plans put into place”.

There will be an IGA representative onsite during the show, and the OC are working with the IGA to ensure that grooms have everything they need including a designated point of contact who will be able to answer any queries the grooms might have.

Sara Riffeser Monti, Show Director, said: “The importance of the grooms is one of the main aspects on which the OC is focusing the overall organization of the event, with the aim to meet their needs and to make the Championship as enjoyable as possible for them. Little steps that make the difference as welcome activities at the stables with gadgets and a reserved buvette with coffee and water free of charge, the flexibility of the food & beverage service, dedicated accommodation at the venue, dedicated prize giving ceremonies, etc. are the basis in order to deliver the best experience possible of the Championship. Moreover, a great valorisation is provided by communication through media and social networks with a result in higher visibility and awareness in both equestrian people and the general public.”.

The FEI Jumping European Championships 2023 will take place 30 August – 3 September 2023 at the Snai San Siro Racecourse in Milan.